What Sweatpants Does Kanye Wear?

What Sweatpants Does Kanye Wear

Kanye Omari West is also known as Kanye West is an American Singer, Rapper, Businessman, and enthusiastic fashion freak. Even he created his fashion brand named Yeezy. He burst into the fashion world for his out-of-the-box adventurous style. His sweatpants are unique in that his fans and admirers want to know what sweatpants Kanye wears. In this article, you will know what sweatpants does Kanye wear and how do you wear sweatpants like Kanye West.

What Sweatpants Does Kanye Wear
What Sweatpants Does Kanye Wear

What Sweatpants Does Kanye Wear?

Kanye West is performing Rap Music since 1990. But he came to the spotlight in 2004 for his first album ‘The College Dropout’. He always brave of pushing the limits of men’s fashion. His favorite designers are Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and Dior. He loves to wear his own brand Yeezy and design from Gosha Rubchinskiy.

One of the famous sweatpants Kanye wears is Brain Dead X Gustavo Sweat Pant which he bought from a street market in Japan. You will find that in yeezysuply.com or any other popular web store like Amazon, Ali-express, e-bay, etc.

Features of Sweatpants Kanye Wear

Sometimes Kanye’s clothing is quite expensive and sometimes not. Here you will know the features of his most popular and unique Brain Dead X Gustavo Sweat Pant. These artistic sweatpants were designed by Argentinian designer Gustavo Eandi Brain Dead. The features are-

  • It is made of 100% cotton.
  • It has two front pockets and a back patch pocket.
  • Elasticated trims at the cuff.
  • Printed branding.
  • Artistic drawing.
  • Striped Jersey.

How to Wear Sweatpants like Kanye

Kanye is never shy of bringing in new fashion trends for his fans. He was seen wearing Brain Dead Sweat Pant several times. The official name of these sweatpants is ‘Gustavo’ which are available in many online stores. You can wear them with matching sneakers.

Kanye West is not only a businessman magnet but also an icon to many for his unbeatable mindset. He has inspired so many young artists today. So, do respect and follow his style. To keep yourself updated about any fashion wear news, follow us and share with your loved ones.