Ram Gopal Varma Criticizes Film Institutes, Wants Focus on Modern Hits Films like ‘Kantara’ and ‘KGF 2’

Renowned Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has criticized film institutes, calling their courses outdated and irrelevant. He believes students should learn to make popular modern films like ‘Kantara’ and ‘KGF 2’ instead. Varma stated in an interview that film institutes are a big disappointment. He feels sorry for students who enroll in them, including the well-known Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. According to him, very few people from these institutes have found success in the film industry.

He added, “If it’s a professional course, it must be updated with current times. You should teach how to make films like ‘Kantara’ and ‘KGF 2’. Discussing old classics like ‘Battleship Potemkin’ and ‘Citizen Kane’ has no relevance now.” This is not the first time Varma has praised the hit Kannada film ‘Kantara’. Last year, he praised its director Rishab Shetty for proving low-budget films can succeed.

Varma recently posted a photo with Amitabh Bachchan, leading to rumors of a new project. However, there’s been no official confirmation yet. The two have worked together before on the hit movie ‘Sarkar’.

Varma’s newest film is ‘Vyooham’, a political drama about the events surrounding the former Andhra Pradesh CM’s death and the rise of the YSR Congress Party. With his usual directness, Ram Gopal Varma has sparked a discussion about updating film education to match the preferences of today’s Indian viewers.