What jacket is Thor wearing in endgame? 2023

Avengers: Endgame is one of the favorite movies of marvel comic lovers. It was the superhero film which is produced by Marvel Studios. In Endgame all the super hero’s possess special abilities. In general, they are superhuman who are dedicated to protect the general people.

thor wears jacket in endgame
Thor wears jacket in endgame

In Avenger Endgame, Thor is one of the most popular characters. The word ‘Thor’ comes from Germanic mythology. It refers to hammer wielding god. In mythology, ‘Thor’ is associated with lightning, storms, thunder and strength. In the avenger: Endgame Thor’s character is almost same. Here we have discussed about the jacket of Thor which is wearing in the endgame.

What jacket is Thor wearing in endgame?

In the endgame we have seen Chris Hemsworth Thor is wearing a special type of cotton jacket. This jacket is formulated by cotton fabric. Viscose lining stitched make the jacket more comfortable. This stitched keep the itchiness away. The hood has open ham cuff style. There is a zipper closer for the front. Two drawstrings are available for hood’s fitting. It is really sassy and an outclass.

Thor’s Jacket features

Chris Hemsworth jacket in thor endgame
Chris Hemsworth jacket in thor endgame
  • Fully made of cotton fabric
  • Viscose lining stitched for removing itchiness
  • Front side zipper
  • Ham cuff style hood
  • Two drawing string to make the hood fitted

Hopefully, you have found answer about the jacket which is worn by Chris Hemsworth in the fictional character of Avenger Endgame movie. If you have any question relevant to this let us know.  

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