What Shoes Did Michael Jordan Wear In His Last Game?

What Shoes Did Michael Jordan Wear In His Last Game

Michael Jordan: A legend, leader, and a pioneer of a modern Basketball era. He is courageous, brave, and committed to helping others. He is a hero to many and idols to many more. In his last game, the shoe MJ wore was as iconic as him. Many fans and well-wishers tend to know what shoes Michael Jordan wore in his last game. The answer is in the following section.

What Shoes Did Michael Jordan Wear In His Last Game
What Shoes Did Michael Jordan Wear In His Last Game

The Shoes Michael Jordan Wear in His last Game

Michael Jordan is the first sportsman who has a sneaker named after him. The name of his sneakers brand is Air Jordan. In his last game, he wears Air Jordan XVIII. This exclusive footwear was designed by Tate Kuerbis.

Key features of Michael Jordan’s Last Shoe Air Jordan 18

Michael Jordan played his last ever match wearing this Air Jordan 18 Retro. If someone wants optimum comfort then this shoe is for him/her. It has many lucrative features like-

  • The upper part of this shoe is premium quality leather.
  • The midsole provide comfort and proper protection.
  • The herringbone pattern has a better grip if it is kept clean and tidy.
  • Among other Air Jordan shoes, this has more comfort to play in.
  • It catches the eye for its simple sleek and clean design.
  • The carbon fiber used in the shoe gives comfort all day long.

Despite having all the qualities, it is not recommendable for those who like high-end and modern brand shoes.

Sneakers List Michael Jordan Wore When He Became Champion

Sneakers NameChampionshipYear
Nike Air Jordan 6First Championship1991
Nike Air Jordan 7Second Championship1992
Nike Air Jordan 8Third Championship1993
Nike Air Jordan 11Fourth Championship1996
Nike Air Jordan 12Fifth Championship1997
Nike Air Jordan 14Sixth Championship1998

Air Jordan shoes are great shoes in terms of comfort, quality, and performance. If you are a fan of Michael Jordan then you love their amazing range of collections in the sneakers world. Keep tracking our website for all the interesting and trendy fashion news. Take care and stay safe.