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What is the round lapel pin Sean Hannity wears? 2023

Sean Hannity is well known as an American talk show host and commentator. Along with that, He is also a Conservative Political Commentator. He has also hosted the Sean Hannity Show, a US-syndicated talk radio show and the commentary program, Hannity, on Fox News. He has received Nemours award and honors at different times. This show host is seen wearing a kind of round lapel pin. Many people are interested in the fact that “what is the round lapel pin Sean Hannity wears?” We have tried to share with you the information we have got about it through discussion.

the round lapel pin Sean Hannity wears
the round lapel pin Sean Hannity wears

what is the round lapel pin Sean Hannity wears?

According to our discussion, the round lapel pin that Sean Hannity wears is called the punisher skull badge. We can find out through research, it’s a Punisher Stars and Stripes lapel pin, featuring the flag of the USA laid over the symbol of Marvel Comics’ vigilante serial killer, The Punisher. It was taken as a reference to a far-right conspiracy theory, as a description of a secret conspiracy accused by a “deep state” against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Feature of Punisher Skull pin

  • this pin is die struck from a jeweler’s metal, with 2 cut out eyes, soft enamel color filled, and silver plated.
  • Size: 1-1/8″H x 3/4″W
  • A non-precious metal such as copper, brass, or nickel that is commonly plated with a more valuable metal (e.g., silver plated). Base metals are often used alone for fashion jewelry where the value of the piece is in the look rather than the material.
  • This pin includes a standard clutch back and is individually poly bagged.

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