What kind of bracelet did John Wayne wear? 2023

What type of bracelet does John Wayne wear? Does this question ever come to your mind? John Wayne is an American filmmaker and actor. He became a famous icon during Hollywood’s golden age. If you watch John Wayne’s movies, you will see a simple gold brass bracelet on his right hand. There is a lot of demand for this type of bracelet at this time. 

What kind of bracelet did John Wayne wear
What kind of bracelet did John Wayne wear

What kind of bracelet did John Wayne wear?

John Wayne wears a brass bracelet gifted by Montagnard people when he was filming in the summer of 1967. It is a symbol of an honorary member. John Wayne wore the gift as Kirby in ‘The Green Berets’ film. As well as, John Wayne also wears the POW/MIA bracelet in his right hand. The POW bracelet is a nickel-plated or copper commemorative bracelet.

Features of John Wayne Bracelet

Why does John Wayne wear a POW bracelet? What are the specialties of this bracelet? Here is the answer to these questions.

Features of POW bracelet:

  • Bracelets are stainless steel,
  • Gold color,
  • ½ inches wide, 
  • name given, 
  • rank,
  • service branch, 
  • Country and date of loss are engraved. 

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