10 Best Jewelry Storage And
Organization Ideas

For many people, jewelry is more than just an accessory. It’s a way to express your unique sense of style, and it can also be a sentimental investment. Whether you have a few pieces or a large collection, it’s important to store your jewelry safely so that it stays in good condition. Here are some of the best jewelry storage ideas to help you keep your treasured pieces organized and looking their best.

1. Sort by Type

One way to organize your jewelry is to sort it by type. For example, you can keep all of your necklaces together, all of your rings together, and so on. This can be a helpful way to organize if you have a lot of different types of jewelry.

2. Sort by Occasion

To take things a step further, you can also sort your jewelry by occasion. For example, you might have a special drawer for jewelry that you only wear on special occasions. This can help to keep your everyday pieces separate from those that you only break out for special events.

3. Sort by Color

If you have a lot of colorful jewelry, you might want to consider sorting it by color. This can help you to find the piece you’re looking for quickly and easily. Plus, it can make your jewelry collection look more vibrant and exciting.

4. Use Clear Storage Containers

For small pieces of jewelry like a mothers ring, clear storage containers can be a great option. This way, you can see everything at a glance and grab what you need without having to search through a bunch of different boxes.

5. Use Jewelry Trees

Jewelry trees are a great way to store necklaces, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. They’re also a great way to display your jewelry so that you can see it all at once. Whether it’s an evil eye ring or friendship ring, you can easily hang.

6. Use Wall Hooks

If you want to keep your jewelry off the floor and out of reach of pets, wall hooks can be a great option. You can use them to hang necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Plus, they can make a great design statement in your home.

7. Use a Dresser Top Organizer

A dresser top organizer is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and within easy reach. This type of organizer typically has compartments for different types of jewelry, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

8. Use a Jewelry Cabinet

If you have a large collection of jewelry, a jewelry cabinet can be a great option. These cabinets typically have drawers and compartments for different types of jewelry, so you can keep everything organized in one place. Plus, they often come with mirrors, so you can get dressed and do your hair at the same time.

9. Use a Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire is similar to a jewelry cabinet, but it’s typically larger. This is a great option if you have a lot of jewelry or if you want to keep your collection hidden away when guests are over.

10. Use Decorative Boxes

To add a personal touch to your jewelry storage, you can use decorative boxes. This is a great way to store smaller pieces of jewelry, and it can also add a bit of flair to your home décor.


No matter how you choose to store your jewelry, the important thing is that you find a system that works for you. By taking the time to organize your jewelry, you can ensure that it stays in good condition and that you can always find what you’re looking for.