Film Factory Acquires ‘The Gentleman’ Starring Ron Perlman: A Thrilling Addition!

Film Factory has secured the rights to Luis Gabriel Beristáin’s revenge action thriller “The Gentleman,” featuring an international cast led by Golden Globe-winner Ron Perlman. Produced by Esto También Pasará from Spain and SDB Films from Mexico, filming for “The Gentleman” is underway in San Sebastián, Spain. The movie is set to hit Spanish theaters in 2025, distributed by Universal.

Based on Carlos Augusto Casas’ Spanish novel, the story revolves around Theo, an aging former U.S. soldier portrayed by Perlman. When Theo’s confidante Olga is murdered, he embarks on a vengeful journey, catching the attention of police inspector Iborra and hitman Herodes. Álvaro Ariza, producer at Esto También Pasará, expressed his passion for the story, believing it deserves a cinematic adaptation.

Perlman is joined by an esteemed cast including Damián Alcázar, Hovik Keuchkerian, Megan Montaner, Marco de la O, and Natti Natasha. Director Luis Gabriel Beristáin, known for his work in cinematography, sees “The Gentleman” as a chance to explore themes of resilience and growth amidst adversity.

Film Factory’s director Vincente Canales anticipates “The Gentleman” to be a standout title in Spanish cinema for 2025.