The Most Intelligent Woman of our Time – Chess
Player Judit Polgar

judit polgar

Did you ever think about the smartest person on earth? One of them is Judit Polgar, the greatest chess player. Let’s learn about her biography.

Childhood and early career

Judit Polgar was born on July 23, 1976 in Budapest. In the family, in addition to her, there
were 2 more children. Everything would seem more than trivial if initially the family was not a
large pedagogical project of Laszlo Polgar, the father of future champions.

judit polgar
judit polgar

The older sisters also became outstanding chess players, Zhuzha Polgar is an international
grandmaster in the USA, world champion in 1996-1999, and Sofia Polgar-Kosashvili is an
international master in Israel. But the younger sister, Judit Polgar, achieved the greatest

The greatest success, however, was achieved by the younger sister – Judit. Her talent soon
showed – at the age of six she began to participate in tournaments, and by the age of nine
the Hungarian Chess Federation set her rating at 2080.

At the age of seven, Judit played blindfolded against the masters, and at the age of 11 she
beat grandmaster Vladimir Kovacevic in a tournament game.

Judit won her first international tournament when she was nine years old, and at 12 and 14
she won the boys’ world championship in those age groups.

In one of the rare interviews when they answered questions together, the journalist asked:
“How did you manage to achieve such a level of success and be able to achieve such
results?”. One of the sisters, Zhuzha, said that their father found out as a result of research
that 80% of children over the age of 1 year are geniuses, but this figure decreases with age.
“If you start developing a child from an early age,” Polgar argued, “then you can achieve
incredible results, you just need to make an effort.” So, it is not difficult to assume that the
main influencing factor in the success of the Polgar sisters was hard work.

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Views and future activities

After the second victory at the Olympics (at the age of 14!) Judit began to play exclusively in
men’s tournaments. Judit during her career stood out precisely in the “male” fights. Numerous opponents spoke of her as a person with incredible strength, who “feels like a checkmate in 20 moves.”

judit polgar image

She led the Hungarian men’s team and is now a popularizer of the opinion that there should
be no separation between men’s and women’s games. Despite this, she spoke out that she
was not interested in women’s games, as they have a lot of inconsistency.

Judit’s type of thinking allowed her to bypass the strongest rivals and, even before she came
of age, enter the list of the 25 most powerful players in the world, and then the top 10. Now
she says that the division has finally lost all meaning – the victory of a man over a woman in
the tournament does not carry such surprise as before.

Personal life

Judit has been a star on the male Olympus for many years, and because of this, the
question of her personal life caused unnecessary excitement. The girl was asked questions
related to fears due to her “male” character and asked how she sees her future marriage.

inspiring judit polgar
inspiring judit polgar

When the chess player was 17 years old, one of the journalists asked: “What would happen
if your future husband gave you an ultimatum: me or chess?”. Judit replied that such a man simply has no chance to win her heart, since the most important factor for her is that everyone should have their own favorite thing to do.

In 2000, Judit married a veterinarian named Gustav Font. Her husband strongly supports her
in competitions. The fact that the professional areas of the couple do not intersect with each
other is an extra factor in the success of their relationship.

Further career

After completing her career, Judit Polgar did not remain without work for long – she was
offered to become the captain of the Hungarian men’s team. At the 2015 European Team
Championship, the Hungarian team led by Judit Polgar won bronze medals.

On December 10, 2018, Judit Polgar became Honorary Vice-President of the International
Chess Federation. Author of several chess books and columnist for New in Chess