2022 was an excellent year for movie lovers. It almost felt like a comeback for Hollywood and especially the big screen after an observable decline in quality following the pandemic hiatus. The year was so good that even the King of perpetual skepticism, Christopher Nolan, termed 2022’s blockbusters life-savers for American cinema.

And he was absolutely right. The year gave us a lot ranging from comic thrillers like Bullet train to mind-twisters like Everything everywhere all at once and Doctor Strange in the multi-verse of madness.

Jaw-dropping war movies like All Quiet on the Western Front and 1917 brought back memories of the legendary Saving Private Ryan.

Even flops like Thor: Love and Thunder and median players like Black Adam brought back some light fun. Animated movies also rebounded strongly with some help from the latest rendition of the Minions.

And yes, lest I forget, the year also gave us some seriously weird and almost cringe-worthy fun in the form of movies like the Crimes of the future.

And a strong cinema year became even stronger with the tail-end back-to-back releases of Top Gun Maverick and Avatar the way of the water both of which became record breakers in their own right.

With such an amazing year now behind us, expectations from Hollywood in 2023 could not be higher.

Sadly, the year is off to a rocky start with the recent weak showing of Antman and the Wasp Quantomania, where the formidable, invincible, and undefeatable Kang takes on superheroes quite literally named after insects.

But a rocky start does not necessarily mean that the boat is going to sink. It would be unwise to give up on Hollywood so early into the year. Quite a few months are remaining in the year and a long list of potential blockbusters to watch out for.

From much-anticipated sequels to awe-inspiring prequels some fresh action and even some tacky re-writes Hollywood may surprise you as the year progresses.

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Now that we have your internet needs figured out let’s get back to the point and talk movies.

Are you ready?

Well then here is a list of two must-watch prequels coming out in 2023.


I am sure you already knew that Dune 2 will make the list. Because can all agree that Denise Villeneuve is a genius. With the release of the first part of Dune, Denise achieved what David Lynch heroically tried but failed to do: Adapt an exhaustively long, mind-bending, and frankly surreal book into a blockbuster worthy of the big screen.

Dune, the movie, follows the story of princeling and future ruler of the world Paul Atreides son of Leto Atreides as he along with his house (family) leave their stronghold in the ocean-covered planet of Caladan to take over the reins of Arrakis, a desert world full of raiders, rebels, and giant man-eating subterranean monsters.

Now, Arrakis may be a dessert but it is not a dump. The planet is the only known source of spice in the universe. And spice is a must-have if you want to travel around in this fantastical universe. But there is a catch, spice in addition to being rocket fuel is also a psychoactive substance and held in holy esteem by residents of Arrakis who want to be free from foreign invaders.

To make matters worse the previous overlords of Arrakis want to destroy our prince’s family to take back their domain. That’s all for the plot, I hope I did not give out too many spoilers.

The only issue was Dune was that it ended with a cliffhanger. And in November this year even that singular issue will fly off in the dust storms of Arrakis as Denise finalizes the second and final chapter.


Yes, Baba Yaga is back. Our favorite puppy-loving, the mafia-slaying assassin is back with another blood-filled chapter. For those of you who don’t know, please get a life, John Wick is an action thriller starring Keanu Reeves and directed by Chad Stahelski. Three sizzling chapters are already out so for those of you looking to catch up, I suggest you watch the other three before May.

Here is a very (very) brief feeler.  

The first chapter begins when a gloomy and domesticated John Wick is assaulted inside his home by the son of a Russian mafia boss. In the scuffle, John’s dog which was also the last thing he remembered of his dead wife is killed by the mobsters. Hence starting a spiral of violence where John is chased by the Russian mafia after he slays their leader’s son to avenge his dog. Yes, he goes to war with the Russian mafia over a dog, deal with it.

The second chapter delves deeper into the particulars of the crime fantasy world John resides in when an old acquaintance from the Italian mafia knocks on John’s doors demanding our hero make good on a blood oath he made years ago. When Mr. Wick refuses the action begins, blood flows and bodies fall.

The third chapter feels almost like a continuation of the second. After being excommunicated by the American chapter of the secret band of elite assassins John is a premium member of he is forced into temporary exile to Morroco only to return, find allies, and take out the bigwigs.

Keanu, like always, has outdone himself and the storyline is almost symphonic. And if you are a fan of well-directed thrillers I seriously suggested you catch up.


May and November. Remember these two months if you do not want to miss out on two of the most anticipated sci-fi action thrillers of all time. John Wick 4, which has seen its release date pushed forward thrice, is coming out in May while Dune 2, which is already in post-production is all set to hit the theaters in November of this year.